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Buyer's Guide for Time Bomb
If you’re out for a quick buy then you’re definitely at the right place. Here's how to get going:
Search for a deal
Select ‘Buy > Time Bombs’ from the top of any page to see deals available for a certain product.
Read the product specifics
Read the product specifications such as the size, paper, finishing etc along with the description to know what you are buying. Do not make assumptions about
details that aren't included in the description. When in doubt, contact the supplier using the ‘Contact Supplier’ button.
Know who you’re dealing with
Before you contact a supplier, know their reputation by looking at their feedback rating and read notes left by other buyers they have done business with in the
Place your order now
When you contact the supplier to show interest in their deal, your contact details will be made available to them so that they can call you to process the payment
and clear any questions you may have.