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Buyer's Guide for Custom Quote
If you’re out looking for a vendor to build long term relationships then you’re definitely at the right place. At Buy Sell Print you can request a print quote by listing your job for other suppliers to bid on. Here's how to get going:
Post your job for a print quote
Select ‘Buy > Custom Quotes’ from the top of any page to choose from a range of products to help suppliers find your job with ease. You are by no means limited
to the number on jobs you can post on the site to request a quote for as all doors are wide open.
Fill in the product specifics
Fill in the product details carefully such as the size, paper, finishing etc as potential suppliers will provide you with their quotes according to the specifications
listed. Make sure you highlight the job title to define the product clearly. See yourself as a print supplier when you write the job title and brief. Think of words you
would use to search for your job and give details about shipping along with any terms and conditions if you wish to limit certain printers from bidding on your job.
Wait for the bids to roll in
As soon as your job is listed, suppliers will bid on your job to win your business, some may even offer value added services alongside their quotes to really
sweeten the deal.
And then review
When the listing expires, compare all bids before making a decision on whom to award the job to. Be sure to visit suppliers profile pages to look at their feedback
rating and read notes left by other buyers they have done business with in the past.
Pick & pay a supplier
On awarding a job your details will be made available to the supplier so that they can contact you to arrange artwork, discuss payment terms and see if there are
any last minute changes you would like made before it goes into the press. Buy Sell Print recommends paying through PayPal as a fast, easy, and secure way to
make and accept payments. To keep Buy Sell Print a safe place for everyone, new suppliers are required to accept either PayPal or an account credit card as an
accepted payment method.
Communication is key
Communicate with the supplier regularly to make sure that the shipping of the products is on schedule. Establish and maintain your relation with your trading
partner through Buy Sell Print as it will help you build a solid reputation as a trustworthy member. When a buyer lists a job on Buy Sell Print and a supplier wins
that job for production, the buyer and supplier enter into a contract that both members are expected to honor. If either the buyer or supplier doesn't live up to their
agreement, it leads to a bad experience that can result in negative feedback and/or account suspension that can hinder future progress to win or award business
on Buy Sell Print.