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Need Print
Meet Lisa, she's just started up a new business and needs to have her business cards printed along with marketing collateral to help her market her new venture.
Post Job
Lisa logs on to Buy Sell Print - looking for not only print services but a strategic partner who can help her market and grow her business. She simply posts her job for free - highlighting exactly what she needs and when and waits for the results to roll in.
Back at
the print shop
Print suppliers on Buy Sell Print receive an email alert as soon as the job comes in and login to the site to study the specs and place their bids - knowing that Lisa will only be accepting a handful of bids.
And your time
With the bids in. Lisa reviews each suppliers profile, work history and rating. Then after a quick and easy comparison is impressed with Adam's Print Shop and the services they offer.
Don't stop till
you get enough
With all payment terms agreed, Adam and his crew get to work to have the job delivered on time.
Job Done
As soon as the job is ready for delivery, Adam updates the tracking number in Buy Sell Print to alerts Lisa that the goods are on their way.
to the buyer
Lisa receives her order in time and everything looks good. Logs back in to give Adam and his team a great feedback and kick-starts her new venture. Knowing that next time she requires print; she knows exactly where to go.