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Create less dependency & more output:
Coming straight to the point, not many of us like to wait these days – we pretty much want results on the spot. Now consider how your customers would cherish your services if they could get a quote online for the most complex of jobs or have stock shipped out to one of their offices directly from your warehouse – think about it.

And then how confident would your estimators and sales reps be if they knew the quote they just sent had a margin built in to allow for any negotiations and was consistent with company policy or (this is where the real fun starts) how little your operations personnel would need to run around checking material availability, writing up job tickets and keeping track of jobs as they whizz around the plant just because the information was there, one click away – think about it.

Last but not least how satisfied would you be - knowing that jobs are invoiced as soon as they are ready for dispatch and how independent everyone has become through one unified system. Seriously, think about it.

These are just a few areas E Pro and E Flo exhibit their expertise in - A lot more is unsaid but to learn more click here.